How to keep your baby cool in summer

6 Ways To Keep Baby Cool In The Summer Heat

As the summer approaches with a promise of bright sunlight and sticky heat, you might start getting worried about how to keep your baby cool during this weather. This can be a bigger problem if you have to go out during the day or have beach trips coming up later this season.

 If you are looking for ways to regulate your baby’s temperature during these outings or during the entire summer season, there are several ways to do so – using sunscreen, soft cotton clothes, dry baby diapers, cool wet towels, and others are some of the tips to keep your baby cool. 

In this article, we will discuss 6 easy and fool-proof ways of keeping your little one dry and cool in the extreme summer heat.  

  • Keep Your Baby Out of  Direct Sunlight 

The best way to ensure that your baby remains cool and dry is to keep them away from direct sunlight. This sunlight can be especially harmful to them as they have incredibly sensitive and soft skin that can easily blister. Also, as babies cannot regulate their body core temperature, direct sunlight might cause their temperature to increase.

  • Use Cool Dry Clothes For Your Baby

We suggest choosing only the softest and natural clothes for your baby during summer. Cotton is the best choice when it comes to summer clothes – its natural fibers allow easy circulation of air which keeps your baby’s temperature cool and dry. You can also use cotton natural diapers instead of disposable ones. These diapers are great for absorption and cause no rashes or infection.

  • Keep Your Baby Hydrated 

Another great way to maintain your baby’s temperature is to keep them constantly hydrated. Whether they are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, ensure they get enough fluids throughout the day. Additionally, keep checking the baby diapers as more fluids results in more urination – you might need to change or wash their diapers more frequently. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you too should remain hydrated as well. 

  • Apply Light Sunscreen If You Go Out

While we suggest not taking out your newborn directly into the sunlight if you need to go out during the day, here are some things you can do to maintain their temperature. You should apply a little bit of sunscreen to your baby’s skin. Since their skin is incredibly soft and sensitive, they are at constant risk of blistering under extreme heat.

You should also take your baby out in a well-covered stroller to avoid any direct sunlight to their body.

  • Keep A Wet Towel Handy

One of the best ways of regulating your newborn’s temperature is to keep a wet, cool towel handy at all times. You can lightly dab your baby’s face and neck from time to time to keep them relaxed. However, check the water temperature you are wetting your towel in. you would not want to use too cold water as it would sharply take down their temperature, causing them to catch a cold. 

  • Keep Curtains And Blinds Closed 

Lastly, if you are staying at home, make sure all the curtains and blinds of your home remain closed. This will ensure the entry of minimum heat and sunlight to your room, keeping it cool at all times. You should also turn on the fans of the room to ensure maximum air circulation.


Your little one needs all the tender love and care all the time, especially during the hot and sticky summer heat. Ensuring your baby wears cool, cotton clothes, has clean baby diapers, and is away from direct sunlight are some of the best ways to ensure your baby remains cool and dry during this humidity. These tips, as mentioned earlier, are perfect for keeping your baby cool in the blistering summer heat.  

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