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Traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby this summer

Summer is a great time for traveling but the thought of holidaying with a newborn might be a bit daunting. So before you consign your suitcase to the loft I thought I’d share a few tips to persuade you to take a trip with your young family. Here are some amazing tips for parents from …

Baby Bath

Everything you need to know about giving a bath to a baby!

Mothers/babysitters should equip themselves to acquire knowledge of the best care. Here are the necessary notes that will help you give a good and safe shower to your baby. This blog will help babysitters in babysitting newborn. Preparation for babies bathroom  Baths for infants should be in an airtight room. If your bedroom is not …

Baby sleep

How should babysitters care for premature infants?

Premature babies’ internal organs in the body are not completely developed to the extent necessary. This makes their ability to live very fragile, and taking care of them becomes very difficult, therefore, the mortality rate is very large. Here are a few tips for babysitters and parents on Babysitting a newborn premature baby. Premature infants’ …