Babysitting at home? Here’s how you make a newborn sleep.

Newborn baby’s sleep plays a very important role in the development of the baby. Enough sleep helps babies grow bigger and smarter. So taking care of your baby’s sleep is always a lot of parents concerned. 

Currently, there are many methods of training different baby sleep. The most common of which must mention the two methods “Cry it out” (let the baby cry), and the “No Tears” (no tears). However, both methods have certain weaknesses and many experts recommend that parents or babysitters should combine both methods to effectively take care of baby the best.

Besides these two methods of cultivation bed for the above, a new method has also received a lot of attention from the mother diapers milk is the method 5S Ph.D., pediatrician Harvey Karp – author of the bestseller The happiest baby on the Block (baby happiest neighborhood). 

Ph.D., pediatrician Harvey Karp 5S method known for helping the baby asleep. 

Harvey Karp says the best way to help babies sleep is calm and recreate the noise, motion and cozy environment like in the womb. So he designed for infant sleep training schedule includes 5 S as follows: 

– Swaddling (Wrap baby diapers). 

– Side or stomach position (Put the baby sideways or stomach). 

– Shushing (Create white noise like in the womb). 

– Swinging (swinging in rhythm).

– Sucking (Ngậm rate). 

5S method, when applied to lull the infant, has proved effective and helps soothe your baby sleep immediately. Mother let’s find out how to do it this way! 

1. Swaddling (Wrap baby diapers)

Our army is a method familiar to many fathers, mothers and babysitters. This method helps soothe your baby by giving your baby a sense of security, warmth as in the womb. According to medical experts, when swaddled infant-mother should not wound the bum too tight and legs of the baby should be wrapped loosely so they can stretch, move freely. 2. Side or stomach position (Put the baby sideways or tummy)

To reduce the risk of SIDS, experts advised not to baby tummy sleeping. However, portable infants are safe and easy to sleep when prone. So babysitters can hand hold the baby or let your baby lie on tummy a bit before bed. Note: this method is only used to soothe the baby before sleep. Absolutely never leave them on the back or sideways when sleeping. When babies sleep, the parents need to baby supine back. 

3. shushing (Create “white noise” like in the womb)

After birth, the baby must be familiar with the large environment and too much noise outside. This makes them feel insecure, restless sleep problems. So babysitters can try to create “white noise” – the gentle soothing sound that she still heard in the womb to help defuse, put the baby to sleep. To create this pleasant noise mother simply says “shhh” in the baby’s ear to help her feel more comfortable and safe. 

4. swinging (swinging in rhythm) 

Gentle swaying to the beat is an effective way to lull baby to sleep. Doctors Harvey recommends parents should follow the instructions from the experts to manipulate properly and not cause the baby brain is affected. When the baby starts crying and refuses to sleep, parents can hold your baby and gently sway. Note: you must support her neck while rocking newborn babies.

5. Sucking (Ngậm rate) 

Some babies like to suck on their finger because it helps them feel more calm and relaxed. So when the baby is old enough to eat, she can still fake the baby latch or mother’s finger. That will help your baby fall asleep easily.

Knowing how to babysit newborns will help you ace babysitting.

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