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How to prepare for triplets?

How to prepare for triplets?

What if they were three? The Necessaire for three kids.  When you are expecting one and it turns out to be three heartbeats – A moment of exhilaration, confusion and worrisome. It is definitely wonderful news but also a long journey full of unknowns: what do I buy? How much do I buy? How do …

virtual babysitting

Virtual babysitting – how to go about it?

A lot of things have gone virtual because of the pandemic, including babysitting. Virtual babysitting may not reap the same benefits as physical babysitting. However, virtual babysitting is still sought after considering working parents have to spend time on their screens. Firstly, what is virtual babysitting? Babysitters will interact with your child over a video-calling …

Baby Sitters

What are the Responsibilities of a Babysitter

Babysitting isn’t an easy job. It comes with many duties and responsibilities. New or old parents, amateur or experienced babysitters, both parties are in a dilemma as to what the primary responsibilities are. Before we get with the list of basic duties, please remember, communication is essential between the parents and babysitters. Everyone’s requirements are …