Baby Bath

Everything you need to know about giving a bath to a baby!

Mothers/babysitters should equip themselves to acquire knowledge of the best care. Here are the necessary notes that will help you give a good and safe shower to your baby. This blog will help babysitters in babysitting newborn.

Preparation for babies bathroom 

Baths for infants should be in an airtight room. If your bedroom is not closed, then the best thing you can do is bring the water bath to bathe your baby in the room.  The wind outside can cause cold to your baby. The optimum temperature for a baby shower area should be between 25-27 degrees.

Clean up your baby and dispose of the diapers before the bath. As for soap and shampoo, you select the one that is natural and doesn’t cause irritation to the skin. You may also ensure that the soap or shampoo doesn’t get into ears or eyes. 

You should only have a shower when the baby cord completely dry. If that’s not the case, you should only use a damp and warm towel to clean the baby. If required, you can give a bath as directed by your doctor. The umbilical region must be protected with a tape or bandage to carefully avoid water wetness or infection. 

How to bathe newborns 

Prepare infant bathwater:

Baby bath water should be warm water (lukewarm). The parents should test the temperature of the water manually. When mixed with water into a basin, the water level should be between 5 – 8 cm.

First, you wash the baby with a soft cotton towel that is wet. Gently wipe the baby to avoid discomfort. Next, squeeze the end of a clean towel and use it to clean the inside of the ears. Do this for this until the baby is 2 years old. This operation should be carried out carefully and slowly.

Clean the legs, thighs, and her groin. Wipe lightly and carefully matched portion folds like thighs, alternating legs, the groin area because this area is where sweat accumulates. 

Baby shampoo. 

Next, you hold your baby from the back and shampoo. When shampooing, use only a small face towel or hand to massage gently. Don’t use a harsh shampoo as it might affect the baby’s natural and immature oil. After that is done, you can dry the scalp with a soft towel. A hairdryer is not recommended.

It is important to note that after bathing, the baby’s body that needs to be dry, especially in the umbilical region. Babies should wear comfortable clothing made of soft fabric like organic cotton. You must also ensure the baby doesn’t have stagnant water in the ear or nose.

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