How do nannies and babysitters gain the trust of parents?

Trust is the key factor when it comes to babysitting. My friend left her kid with her neighbor even though she doesn’t have any experience with babysitting. It was just the trust she had in the neighbor that she will look after and feed her. As a babysitter, you are supposed to gain the parents’ trust so that they can leave their kids with you. When they trust you, the chances of retaining the job is high. They may even put a word regarding you if their acquaintances are looking for babysitting services.

Here are a few tips to gain the trust of parents for babysitters or nanny.

Punctuality – It is the most crucial aspect. No parents want hassles as they leave for work, and the babysitter hasn’t arrived yet. Your punctuality shows how responsible and trustworthy you are. 

Greetings – Trust me, it goes a long way when you greet the parents. If they have time and are interested, you can also give a heads-up on the activities you planned for the day. When you leave, do give them updates and on what happened and what the child did. They would love to hear the naughty and sweet gestures of their children.

Be a communicator – when you are a strong communicator who clarifies doubts and seeks ideas to improve the sessions, it makes it easy for the parents to trust and acknowledge. However, you must understand not to bug the parents with a lot of questions, which makes you look inexperienced. 

Hygiene: Parents want the best for their children, and they will make no compromise when it comes to health and hygiene. When you show the parents that you and the kid are involved only in clean habits, they will trust you better.

Exceed expectations – Teach the kid something new and essential that you can show off to the parent. This way, you don’t just win trust but also their heart. Just like any other job, the employer would love to see more improvements than what is expected.

If the parents aren’t around and you are babysitting at home, don’t use that time to carry out your personal chores. Take a genuine interest in the child and make the employer feel that their baby is in safe hands.

Above all, you must gain the trust and love of the child. If the kid doesn’t like you, then the parents won’t think twice before replacing you. Make the kid feel comfortable, loved, and also understand his/her likes and dislikes. If you ask me how to be a good babysitter then I would suggest the same tips as mentioned above. These tips are the Bible for babysitting for teens as well.
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