How to care for the newborn? Every babysitter’s guide.

How to care for newborns in the hospital day and the day after it is very important that my parents need to master. Here are 5 important considerations or tips for babysitting a newborn.

How to care for newborns: Observe the change of the baby when you are babysitting at home.

In the first days after birth, the baby’s body will have a lot of variables. These things can be observed most clearly through the skin (especially face), the eyes and navel area. Usually when a newborn baby’s skin will have a bluish color. After several hours, the skin becomes rosier now because blood has circulated them to all agencies.

Likewise, dry baby’s umbilical portion gradually through each day and will shed about from Day 7 – Day 10. The navel area is the area you need to pay special attention to keep dry and clean to prevent infant infections. Also, this time the baby may be the birthmark, less natural leather. Therefore, you should closely observe whether it is benign or not stain for timely intervention. 

Infant care: Vaccination infant 

vaccination for infants is an important job and forced to do. If the mother and the family are not clear about the injections and the injection time, you can refer directly to the doctor. Ideally, you should adhere to these rules to ensure your baby is safe and is developed fully, the best. 

Communicating with newborns

Babies are often quite sensitive in recognizing his voice, gestures, exposure to those familiar and the outside world. In many cases, the baby is “a little twisted” someone in the family and just “be” for only one contact person. 

Therefore, the parents, the family often chat, contact, and play with babies is essential to the baby’s “recognition” by the members of the family. Scientists also demonstrated this communication will also help children develop better, more comprehensive both physically and mentally.

What should and should not do when caring for infants

For babies, the bathroom and dressing are what babysitters need to keep in mind. Only when she was bathing the baby cord (or to tape carefully to avoid water). For clothes, just use natural soaps for laundry and babies should just wear new clothes after being washed. 

If in the early days when she was not wearing clothes that are only in diapers, babysitters should choose what kind of diapers are soft, breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Not swaddled too tightly to ensure blood circulation, skin rashes. 

As for the baby sleeping, if they do not have cribs / private rooms and are placed with their parents should not put the baby in the middle. The infant is between parents can do little discomfort, lack of oxygen, shortness of breath … In addition, babysitters should not put any flowers or fruit in your child’s bedroom.

The other note of how to take care of babies 

In the early stages after birth, the baby may be fussy, not subject to breastfeed or encounter phenomena, heat rash, redness … If this phenomenon is less than the normal phenomenon, nature. However, if the above stretching, the parent should be brought to the doctor to get the most accurate conclusions. 

Also in this period, the organs in her body as the lacrimal gland, nose, ears … may encounter some issues such as switches, inflammation … Therefore, when care and hygiene for the baby, the parents and babysitters need to look closely for timely handling. 

These are important considerations in how to care for babies that parents should seize. This not only helps parents and babysitters with better childcare but also protects the most comprehensive development.

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