How to prepare for triplets?

How to prepare for triplets?

What if they were three? The Necessaire for three kids. 

When you are expecting one and it turns out to be three heartbeats – A moment of exhilaration, confusion and worrisome.

It is definitely wonderful news but also a long journey full of unknowns: what do I buy? How much do I buy? How do I organize myself? What kind of artificial milk? I have to change apartments. 

Calm down! We are here to help. Together with a group of mothers / friends / nannies we have created a detailed list of the Necessaire that I want to share (you will find it in the queue) and we have come to some reflections.

Our preliminary conclusions are: the support of more than one family member, friends and possibly an expert child care nurse is needed for the initial months. Handling three kids will be difficult right after labor because the mom needs rest and sleep. It is best to get help from someone you trust. You can always find a nanny who will ease so much work for you. Find someone who can also help you with household chores.

Here is a list of things that you will need to get parenting started for three babies.

To save money you can go to a small scale shop. They may give you a discount considering you are buying many things. Also, try to go to one shop that has most of the items you need in order to save yourself from hassles.

  1. Weight scale
  2. Gauze to disinfect the cords
  3. Play mats 
  4. Tummy Tub (bath tub) 
  5. 3 rattles
  6. 3 sleepers 
  7. Aerosol N 1
  8. Saline solution for the nose 
  9. Gauzes and umbilical cord disinfectant 
  10. Mosquito nets  
  11. Bugaboo stroller
  12. Cribs 3 large standard model 
  13. 3 bouncers for the first months (if they vibrate and have a little music incorporated, it is better but not essential.
  14. Wipes (Mustela is a great brand for the first few months to avoid irritation), however we can routinely use water and cotton and wipes as needed. The average alternating between the two are two packages per week. 
  15. Pampers diapers are fine 
  16. (You will need an average of 5 per day each for a total of 15 per day).
  17. Small cotton sheets for breastfeeding. 
  18. Pure sweet almond oil
  19. Hypoallergenic and organic brand soaps called Fantastika (I send you photos. The costs are low compared to the quality (from 11 to 17 euros and last a long time)
  20. Sealed diaper container.
  21. Cotton wool with large discs. 
  22. Bath tub that allows us to fill it from under the sink.
  23. Small bathroom heater.
  24. 6 neutral cotton bathrobes / towels 
  25. Body
  26. Rompers 
  27. 3 sleeping bags to use instead of blankets (against suffocation)
  28. 3 covers 
  29. Stroller a good brand the Bogaboo 
  30. Stokke child seats 
  31. Bed sheets and pillowcases 
  32. Anti overturn cushion 
  33. 160 Mam bottle plus N 6 spare teats 
  34. Sterilizer 
  35. Two bottle warmers the classic Chicco is always the best 
  36. 1 rectal thermometer 
  37. 1 ear thermometer 
  38. 9 pacifiers first months 
  39. Cloths for diaper change.
  40. A diaper changing mat and a soft flat pillow to put under if the surface is hard. 
  41. A monitor / sound that spans large distances. 
  42. 1 phone
  43. Nail clipper for babies
  44. Hairbrush 

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