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What are the Responsibilities of a Babysitter

Babysitting isn’t an easy job. It comes with many duties and responsibilities. New or old parents, amateur or experienced babysitters, both parties are in a dilemma as to what the primary responsibilities are. Before we get with the list of basic duties, please remember, communication is essential between the parents and babysitters. Everyone’s requirements are different, and it is best if communicated clearly at the earliest.

If you want to find a babysitter in Australia or anywhere and wondering what their basic responsibilities will be, here you go!

  • Play with the kids and keep them engaged.
  • Feeding the children and clearing the utensils
  • Getting them ready for sleep
  • Do diaper change/ accompany to the washroom 
  • Cleaning up play areas.
  • Helping with potty training.
  • Feed the children

These are the basic responsibilities. However, if you need more assistance, then the babysitter might charge more for the additional services. Additional services can include picking up and dropping the child and help with tutoring. Instead of asking yourself “babysitting in my home, how much should I charge,” talk to the babysitter and negotiate. Find what the nominal rates are in your area.

If you need someone who is more involved with your child and family and can also do household chores, you must opt for a nanny. Yes, they are different. A babysitter doesn’t work full time, whereas a nanny will. Nannies regularly work, whereas babysitters can be hired even for a day or week.

What are the traits a babysitter should encompass?

  • Initiative: It is requisite for a babysitter to take the initiative whenever needed. Babysitters will do that only when they are interested in doing their job and also like your family. So hire wisely!
  • Playfulness: The babysitter must be quick to play. What are kids without play? Look for babysitters who are playful and cheerful.
  • Responsibility: There has to be a balance in playfulness and responsibility. Only a responsible babysitter will put your baby to bed and feed on time. Babysitters must be keeping an eye at all times, especially when they are babysitting multiple children.
  • Professionalism: It is no less than an actual part-time job. Just because it is confined to a house, it doesn’t mean it is not a profession. Parents and babysitters must understand it. Though people babysit for just some extra cash, it is essential to show professionalism and commitment.
  • Accountability: Babysitting is a job where the parents/ guardians trust babysitters with their babies. In that case, the babysitter you choose must hold accountable for the job, the actions, and the baby.

There could be various reasons why one would hire a babysitter. Whatever the reason may be, ensure the babysitter knows basic safety and child-care techniques. Hire a babysitter who you trust and think will be friendly to your family and your baby.

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