We believe the future of this world must be given proper care and protection. The future lies with children and that’s why we want to revolutionise the babysitting industry.


The best way to bring a change is by tapping into the roots of the problem and finding the solution. In the babysitting industry, we deem the problem to be lack of awareness.


This website will also host quality and researched blogs that will help babysitters, parents and entrepreneurs to gain acute knowledge and awareness to take the babysitting profession and industry a notch up.

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Fussy baby

How to ease a fussy baby

Nothing can match up to the first sweet cry of a newborn with a cute little head, tiny fingers, and toes! The thrill, however, may quickly fade into concern and frustration as you will soon realize that babies cry a lot for no reason, and it is completely normal. But, sometimes with obvious reasons such …

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Toddler Bed

When Do I Upgrade My ‘Baby’ to His Own Toddler Bed?

When should your baby ‘graduate’ from a crib to a toddler bed? While you may wish that your cutie-pie fits into his or her crib for years, the day will come when they’ll have to grow up. There are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to this transition. They mostly arise from the attachment …

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