Guidelines and tips for babysitters

Top 5 characteristics of a babysitter 

Be prepared – Make your mind that you will face an unexpected situation everyday and be prepared for it.

Be enthusiastic – Employers love babysitters who love their job which clearly tells the children they are in ‘fun’ hands.

Be watchful – Keep your eyes on the children at all times. Be aware of your surroundings too.

Stick to rules and limits – Always follow the rules. Mumma’s ‘no no’ is for both the baby and you.

Be well-informed – Know what your duties are and how to do it. Practice childcare.

Top 5 ways to mingle with kids

Be fun and creative – Children love new games and creative activities. This is THE way to their heart.

Understand their interests – Do things that interest them by understanding their likes and dislikes.

Go with the flow – Children may not have the mood for what you have planned. Go with their mood or ideas.

Be caring and gentle – It is of utmost importance to love and care for the children.

Don’t lose your patience  – Especially with a naughty lad! Patience will take you places.

First time babysitter tips

Practice childcare basics – The basic childcare including holding, diaper change, wiping and feeding should be well-versed.

Follow house rules – Get permission from the employer beforehand and abide by the rules.

Keep the doors locked – Don’t let strangers in for your and children’s safety especially in an unknown neighborhood.

Save employer details – Have all the details of the employers in case of emergencies.

Be respectful – Greet the employers and communicate with them respectfully. Be a friend to them.