How to find the right babysitter?

Friends and family: Nothing like word of mouth! Ask your friends, family and neighbors for babysitters. They will refer good babysitters with their experience or knowledge.

Hire a professional: There are online sites and agencies that cater to your babysitting needs. You can get a babysitter who satisfies all your requirements.

To find the right babysitter, you have to communicate your requirements. It is a ‘right babysitter’ when both sides are aware of the requirements.

Timings: The number of days and hours a week a babysitter should work should be communicated.

Additional services: Check if the babysitter is flexible and is willing to do additional services for extra money. 

House rules: As an employer, your role is to tell the babysitter what to do and what to not. Give them information about how things work in your house.

Children’s interest: Detail the babysitter about the child’s interest and find someone who can help improve that. For example, find a babysitter who paints or speaks a language if those are your kid’s interest too.