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How should babysitters care for premature infants?

Premature babies’ internal organs in the body are not completely developed to the extent necessary. This makes their ability to live very fragile, and taking care of them becomes very difficult, therefore, the mortality rate is very large.

Here are a few tips for babysitters and parents on Babysitting a newborn premature baby.

Premature infants’ body heat is not warm enough, the ability to regulate body temperature is very vulnerable. The environmental temperature outside impacts the baby. So warmth for premature infants prematurely is extremely necessary, to how to keep warm, stable body temperature, ensuring adaptation, humidity must also maintain appropriate levels.

Preterm premature infants 1-1.5 kg body weight, requires the room temperature should always be kept at 34-35 ° C, humidity 70%. 

Preterm premature infants body weight 1.8-2 kg, requiring room temperature 30-32 ° C. humidity 60%. 

Preterm premature infants with the body weight of 3 kg 2.5 h, requiring room temperature 25-27 ° C, humidity 60%. 

It is best to wear soft Organic cotton clothes that are dry. Wear a top hat, outside use down comforters sealed to keep warm, the middle layer of cotton and down comforters outside put a bag of water heating, hot water temperature just under body temperature and regulate the external appearance of the baby. Every 4-6 hours / 1 check body temperature, recorded to track the changing dynamics of hypothermia. 

About nutrition:

Physical preterm premature infants are very poor in nutrition and are prone to nutritional deficiency. Thus affects the development of the body. Infants under 2 kg body weight, then 12 hours after birth, you should start feeding. If the general condition is too weak, he can eat later, 24 hours after feeding him. Initially make fertilizer for her glucose solution 5-10% every 2 hours / 1 time, each 1.5 to 3 tablespoons, 24 hours after birth, can give milk. If within 1-2 days, there’s no breast milk, replace it with skimmed milk powder or milk powder affair completely skimmed 50%.

Preterm premature babies, but already known to breastfeed, you should thoroughly directly breastfeed. And those who do not know to breastfeed, the mother must be milked out, then use the medicine dropper (eye pain, sore nose) instill slowly into the mouth baby, usually every 2-3 hours. As a replacement, use cow’s milk; initially, use 50% skimmed milk, or diluted milk (2/1 or 3/1 ratio) to add 5% sugar solution. In 2-3 days the amount of milk needed for premature infants preterm breastfed calculate under 60ml (6cc) / 1 kg body weight/day, and then gradually increase (refer to the table amount of milk necessary for babies normal birth).

To supplement the nutrients needed, such as multivitamins B, per 1 capsule, 2 times per day; vitamin c, each 50mg, 2 times per day; vitamin E 10-15 mg / day, divided 2 times drink. Two weeks after the birth, start to drink fish oil concentrates, start 1 drop/day, increasing 5-10 drops/day, a month after birth can add sulfate iron unsaturated FeS04 0, 3 g / day in 3 divided doses. 

WARNINGS of infectious diseases.

The resistance of premature infants is very weak, so be very wary of infectious diseases. Use hot water to clean them, and can use vegetable oil massage into the crease, the slots, the interstitial; Pay attention to their skin and check with a doctor if you find anything like rashes. If detected on infected skin also other diseases, or inflammation of the milk glands, or umbilical discharge, they must promptly seek medical treatment; If the umbilical cord blood is only slightly rusted, can be used to wrap cotton swab, dipped into 75% alcohol antiseptic to dry, then tape sterile bandage. Must note the oral cavity, regularly smoking, retrieving the baby’s body fluid secretion in the oral cavity, oral cavity check in with what other strange phenomena, and if so, should the baby see a doctor immediately. In addition, premature babies have very limited contact with strangers, especially those with the diseases. When mothers breastfeed, they must wash hands and nipples, wear a mask, to avoid any possibility of infection transmission.

Right eye symptoms observed referral. 

Must constantly observe the health of premature babies prematurely, countenance and attention to our breath, especially when they are sick, be more cautious.

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