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Stripping Cloth Diapers – Complete guide for a babysitter

Stripping Cloth Diapers is a process most moms and babysitters dread but broken down into simple steps, you’ll have your diapers as good as new in no time flat!

How do you know if your earth-friendly cloth diapers need to be stripped in the first place? This is a common cloth diapering question.

A. Do your diapers smell, even after they have come out of the dryer?

B. Are your diaper covers leaking?

C. Does your baby have a diaper rash that is just not going away?

D. Does it seem like your diapers are not absorbing as much?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, chances are, it’s time for you to think about the process of stripping cloth diapers.

Laundry room

Stripping Cloth Diapers begins and ends in the laundry room. The amount of build up your cloth diapers have accumulated will determine the amount of time spent stripping.

The first step will be to turn your hot water heater up to the hottest setting available. If you are unable to turn up the temperature of your water, boil a large pot of water to pour into your washing machine.

Begin with clean diapers and turn on a hot washing cycle. You will not be adding any soap during this process, only hot water, and possibly vinegar and baking soda.

Put your diapers through a very hot washing cycle and look at the number of soap bubbles present during the agitation. Your goal will be to end up with no bubbles in the water. You will most likely need to continue running hot water wash cycles at least three times, but possibly more.

If you have run four hot water wash cycles and continue to have a large number of bubbles in your water, it is time to consider adding in vinegar. Add plain white vinegar, about one cup, to the hot water, observe whether the vinegar has helped to diminish the bubbles.

The next wash cycle may be run with one cup of baking soda added, again, observe the bubbles.

You will continue to run hot water washes until all bubbles have gone. If your diapers still have not gotten to this point after running several cycles with vinegar and/or baking soda, additional measures may be needed.

Some moms/babysitters have successfully gotten rid of tough build-up by boiling their diapers in a very large stockpot. You will only want to boil about 5 diapers at a time to ensure there is enough room in the pot.

Stripping cloth diapers is not a difficult task, it just takes time, water, and electricity. To avoid having to strip your diapers, it is important to make sure you are cleaning cloth diapers appropriately – these are some important tips for babysitting a newborn.

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