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Virtual babysitting – how to go about it?

A lot of things have gone virtual because of the pandemic, including babysitting. Virtual babysitting may not reap the same benefits as physical babysitting. However, virtual babysitting is still sought after considering working parents have to spend time on their screens.

Firstly, what is virtual babysitting?

Babysitters will interact with your child over a video-calling platform and engage with them for doing activities or homework. Babysitting services can be availed for educational purposes as some babysitters tutor too.

Is virtual babysitting beneficial?

As mentioned earlier, it is not similar to physically babysitting, which means it is not the go-to option for infants. However, virtual babysitting is a powerful tool for busy families to keep children engaged. The babysitting session can be informational, educational, or activity-based. Many families want their children to be productive during the babysitting sessions. Without risking and responsibly social distancing, virtual babysitting is the best way to monitor your child.

How to find a virtual babysitter?

Word of mouth always works excellent when it comes to babysitters. Ask around for referrals on your social media accounts. You can try the below listed online services too. They will help you find a babysitter complying with all your requirements.

  • SitterCity
  • Broadway Babysitters
  • Minutes 4 Moms
  • The Babysitting Company

Tips for parents regarding virtual babysitting

Interview: It is important for you to know your babysitter before signing up for the service. In the interview, you can know about the babysitter and what plans she has for your child. You can also learn about the babysitter’s skills, which might interest your child.

Heads-up: Your child must be prepared to be babysat. As a parent, you can give a gist about what to look forward to so that your child will engage better with the babysitter.

Get to know the child: Parents/guardians must be the bridge between the babysitter and the child in conveying what the baby wants to do. Give information on your child’s likes and dislikes so that the babysitter can come up with a plan accordingly.

Stay close: As the babysitter is not going to be physically present, it is of absolute importance that you stay closer to the child. Be in a reachable distance where you can carry on with your work without any disturbance.  

The above tips will help you to enrich the virtual babysitting experience for your child. It is advised that you get feedback from your child for improvement and also have the call recorded on the platform to avoid any mishaps. If you think you can teach, you can consider babysitting for teens and babysitting jobs for high school students.

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